Fun Fact Friday: Tax Yield Per Student

The tax yield per student is essentially the amount Jordan collects in taxes, divided by the number of students in the District. To be exact, it’s the assessed valuation per student multiplied by the tax rate. This equals $1,431 for each student in Jordan School District.  This money is used for teacher salaries, student programs, curriculum, classroom supplies, bond payments, utilities, buildings and other overhead costs. That amount excludes the State basic levy, which is used by the State to fund the State WPU allocation, charter Local Replacement Funding and other State programs.

Because charter schools do not have taxing authority, their figures are based on the State statute computation for Local Replacement Funding. These dollars are intended to roughly match school district property tax dollars. Take a look at the statewide comparisons below.

It’s National School Principals Month

DSCN2802 copyThis is the perfect opportunity to take a moment to thank your school principal for everything they do in the course of a school year. October is National School Principal Month, which recognized the essential role that principals play in making a school great. These incredible leaders set the academic tone for our schools and it is their vision, dedication and determination that provide the foundation for achieving student success. We thank these unsung heroes in the Jordan School District for their tireless efforts in pursuit of excellence in education. You are making a difference in the lives of ‘Every Child, Every Day.’

Send us a tweet @jordandistrict about your favorite principal #ThankAPrincipal

You Are Invited to the New JATC South Open House!

JATCThe doors are open, teachers in place and engaged student learning has begun at the new Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers South campus. The JATC South is home to some very exciting programs including Fire Science/EMT, Teacher Education, Landscape Management, Nail Tech, Barbering, Welding and more to come.  Join us for a public open house on Tuesday, Oct. 13, at 6:30 p.m. followed by a school dedication. Enjoy a sneak peak inside from the photo gallery on our Facebook page.

World Cup Soccer at Elk Ridge Middle School

DSCN5979You don’t usually think of World Cup Soccer coming to a local school near you, but that’s what happened at Elk Ridge Middle last week. The school hosted its annual World Cup Soccer of World languages, part of foreign language classes at Elk Ridge. They started with 10 teams that would fight it out to become the top country in the school and maybe even have some bragging rights along with it. In the semi finals it was Cuba vs. Bavaria and Germany vs. Lichtenstein. Bavaria won easily and punched its way into the finals.

After a very hard fought battle between Germany and Lichtenstein, like the real World Cup in 2014, Germany would punch their ticket to the finals. Now, here it was the big day, all the bragging rights were on the line, as Germany took on Bavaria. Asking one of the teachers who would win, she said with full confidence “ Bavaria is going to win.” But little did she know, her prediction was wrong. The final score was 7-2 Germany winning by a landslide and taking home bragging rights and the coveted the Elk Ridge World Cup! Check out more photos on our Facebook page. Photos and story by Brice Nokes, Riverton High Senior and Communications Department Intern.